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The purpose of Veracity Neuroscience Foundation is to fund (1) The Lindsey-Saemenes HD Center of Excellence multi-disciplinary clinic for patients and families with Huntington disease; and (2) basic, clinical and translational neuroscience research related to movement and neurodegenerative disorders by Dr. Mark LeDoux, colleagues, and collaborators. This research is directed toward benefitting the public by improving the understanding and treatment of movement and neurodegenerative disorders.  The Veracity Neuroscience Foundation and Lindsey-Saemenes HD Center of Excellence are reliant upon donor support.  Donations can be made by check or credit card (see link below).   

Please make checks payable to Veracity Neuroscience Foundation and mail to:  Veracity Neuroscience LLC, 5050, Poplar Avenue, Suite 511, Memphis, TN 38157-0500

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